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Jon Wesley and KNSJ present:

Bigga’s Big Dig #9

Monday October 15, 2018 10pm – 11pm PST

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Monday October 15, 2018  catch the Biggabush takeover of Music Goes On 

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luke vibert light 001

  • 01 Basil Kirchin – The Dice Is Cast

    02 Jesse Fischer/Sly 5th Avenue – Vein Melter

    03 Radioactive Man – Steve Chop

    04 Henry Greenleaf – Six

    05 Bigga Productions – Beat Four

    06 The Electromagnetic Azoth – The Left Hand of Nothingness (edit)

    07 Khruangbin – Lady & Man

    08 The Magic Band – Your Love Brought Me To Life (instrumental)

    09 DJ Fulgeance & The Scientist – Imperialist Monsters

    10 Stig of the Dump ft. Rag & Bone Man – She

    11 Elektrassassin – Untitled

    12 Thundercat – 3AM

    13 Electric Prunes – General Confessional

    14 Moondog – Oo Solo

    15 Muhavishla Ravi Hatched – Bombay Palace Part 1

    16 King Geedorah – Krazy World

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