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Dj Pnutz presents 16 Psyche

Get ready for the latest terrestrial album from Dj Pnutz on Bulabeats Records, “16 Psyche”. “16 Psyche” introduces 17 brand new radio friendly hip-hop and breakbeat instrumentals with out of this world interludes and retro sci-fi sound bytes. Often compared to the production styles of The Avalanches and Dj Shadow, Dj Pnutz new album “16 Psyche” offers an uptempo riff on instrumental beat albums while taking the listener on a cosmic funk journey through the galaxy. Her last album “The Good Wifes Guide to Beatmaking” spent over 20 weeks on the college radio charts and was featured in Mixmag and Citybeat. Another previous joint effort with San Diego based lyricists 1019 and J.Treel, “Treel Tales of Number Running”, won a San Diego Music Award. Dj Pnutz has been transmitting soundwaves from Southern California since 1999 for earthlings and aliens alike.

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Rackmount 2012 (7 in. Vinyl release) –
Pnutz Playhouse (A Saturday Morning Cartune Show) 2013 –

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B-Girl Breaks 2015 (Springstrut) –
The Good Wifes Guide to Beatmaking 2016 (Bulabeats) –

Full albums with guest emcees

The Congregation 2014 – – dj Pnutz production and PVC with guest artists

Treel Tales of Number Running 2014 (SD Music Award Winner for Best Hip Hop Album of the Year 2015) – – dj Pnutz production with 1019 and j. Treel

Featured on compilations
Infrasonics 723 2015 –

Toastboat 2015-

Rising Up 2014-

Cliff Thorburn 2017 –

Living Stereo 2017 – Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 7 available at

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