Pilot Show Instructions

To submit a pilot episode for consideration (which will be used as your first show if you are selected to be a KNSJ host/producer).
1. Submit a one hour show
2. There should be a  KNSJ station ID at the beginning, at the 28 minute mark (one minute before the first segment ends at exactly 29 minutes) and 1 minute before the second segment ends (at exactly 29 minutes) and at least every 15 minutes in-between let the listeners know that they are listening to “name of your show” on KNSJ 89.1FM.
When we run the show it will actually be two segments of exactly 29 minutes each so from 28:30 -29:00 it should just be music so the voice doesn’t get cut off. The broadcast computer will end the segment at exactly 29 minutes.
If your pilot is selected and you are given a weekly show we will edit it into two segments for the first broadcast. After that you will have a Dropbox folder and you can just upload your two 29 minute segments each week and your show will broadcast.
Please make sure to talk about yourself, what you do, local shows or events you go to, things you like in San Diego, etc. Show off your personality and let listeners know what you are about. 
1. Promote other KNSJ shows. Please make sure to promote other shows on KNSJ. There is a calendar on the main website (knsj.org).
2. Ask for donations. Make sure to mention that KNSJ needs donations to stay on the air. The website has all the info and Paypal buttons, just direct them to the website.
3. Promote KNSJ and ASD fundraisers. KNSJ is operated by Activist San Diego and there are many fundraisers and events that take place throughout the year. Make sure you are promoting them. The music directors will give you information and you can always find them on the main KNSJ website (KNSJ.org)
4. Mention all the ways to listen. “Listen on the radio at 89.1FM.” Stream live on the website at www.knsj.org.” “Listen on your mobile device using the Tune In App.”
There are strict FCC rules for community, non-profit radio. Please read through the FCC documentation so you understand these rules. https://www.fcc.gov/media/radio/nature-of-educational-broadcasting. If you violate these rules we could face heavy fines or we could lose our license so this is extremely important.
Safe Harbor. This means that after 10pm (and until 6am) we can play music as it was intended as long as it doesn’t contain content that the FCC (or any listeners) would consider obscene or profane. Read the FCC info here.
Quoted from the FCC website:
“What is the safe harbor? The safe harbor refers to the time period between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., local time. During this time period, a station may air indecent and/or profane material. In contrast, there is no safe harbor for the broadcast of obscene material. Obscene material is entitled to no First Amendment protection, and may not be broadcast at any time.”
If your show is broadcast before 10pm you will have to play clean, radio versions of music with no profanity or indecent material. 
Important: Make sure the content you broadcast is in-line with KNSJ’s values. No content that disparages Women, minorities, race or any social justice causes, issues or values. Remember KNSJ and ASD are social justice activists and we want our content to reflect that.
1. Do not use a call to action at all when broadcasting on KNSJ. A call to action would be, “Go the website,” “hurry and get your tickets, ” “go to the event.”
The correct way is to say, “There is a website,” “tickets are available, ” “the event is located at…” The easiest way to remember what is correct is to make sure your information is factual and especially not an opinion.
Another example is, “(Venue name) serves the best beer in San Diego.” This would be an opinion. Something factual would be, “Happy hour is served from 5pm-7pm.” or The (venue name) is located at (venue address). The idea is that you don’t want to announce anything that promotes anything.
You only want to identify something using facts. You can use a call to action to promote KNSJ. Saying, “Go to the KNSJ website” is OK.
2. Underwriting/Sponsorships. KNSJ needs donations to stay on the air but because of our license we cannot have sponsors. We have underwriters. An underwriter is someone who donates money to KNSJ as a supporter. We are allowed to identify that donation but not promote it or the donor.
“We reiterate that acknowledgements should be made for identification purposes only and should not promote the contributor’s products, services, or company. For example, logos or logograms used by corporations or businesses are permitted so long as they do not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of the donor’s products or services. Similarly, company slogans which contain general product-line descriptions are acceptable if not designed to be promotional in nature. Visual depictions of specific products are permissible. We also believe that the inclusion of a telephone number in an acknowledgement is within these general guidelines and, therefore, permissible.”
Thanks again for your interest in volunteering as a show host/producer for KNSJ. After you submit your pilot episode we will review it and let you know as soon as we can. Sometimes things move slowly here at KNSJ since we are all volunteers so please be patient. We will moves things forward as quickly as we can.
If you have any questions please contact the music directors Jon Wesley (jon@knsj.org) and Jeff Lehton (jeff@knsj.org).