Recording Instructions

You must upload two 29 minute files for your show. The files should be CD quality wav files (16 bit 44,100 Hz).

Each file must be exactly 29 minutes.  Open your finished file in an audio editor like Audacity and zoom in so you can trim any silence that may be there. if there is any silence there’s a chance the computer will not play the show. Also trim and fade out the very end of the file so it ends at exactly 29 minutes. especially part 1. If it is under or over it may cause the computer to play random music before your second part.

Name the show exactly as it is programmed in the computer. Once a name has been selected for a particular show Jim (our program director) will create a Dropbox folder using that name and then email a Dropbox invitation to the show host. One can drop and drag files into that Dropbox folder or instead select and upload files. Some of our existing show hosts occasionally deviate from the format and then call to complain that their shows aren’t airing.  The Zara computer is picky.

Delete old segments and upload two new files each week. Each time a show host is preparing to upload their two new segments the two previous ones must be deleted. 

Make sure to read through everything on the Pilot Show instructions page so you know how and when to read station IDs, FCC rules and much more.