This is Moon Life

With Mitch Wilson ~ Friday 12 Midnight

This Is Moon Life is a show hosted by Mitch Wilson. The show focuses on music of the late night variety: from post punk, to dark pop, to experimental instrumental compositions, even old jazz singers of a bygone era- anything that has that dark, brooding, melancholic, beautiful style. Songs for late nights with new friends and strangers. Songs for night drives. Songs for solitary musings.

Mitch has been involved in the San Diego music/art scene since he was a teen. He is constantly striving for ways to participate and accentuate local music and musicians and national acts that take more than a cursory listen to really ingest fully. Mitch was the singer/guitarist/composer for San Diego bands No Knife and Lunar Maps as well as part of the projection art photography experiment duo called Strangers In A Fire. He now works on his own photography and makes music videos for local and national bands.