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Hydrogen Jukebox

With DJ Jules ~ Mondays @ 11 PM ~ A celebration of rock n rolls’ many forms, from the 1950s through the

Stomping Grounds

With Tim Pyles ~ Monday 9 PM Stomping Grounds is a show covering Southern California music from TJ to Orange County with

Solitude City

with Carson Young ~ Monday 8pm – repeats Su 1am, Su 3pm, Mo 6am ~ Jazz on the radio Monday nights from

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KNSJ’s New Lineup!

KNSJ has added several new shows, which air on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday night, to our freaky, free-form schedule. Don’t be ascared

Employee Rights Center

KNSJ is honored to be partnered with and located within The Employees Rights Center. Founded in 1999, The Employees Rights Center is

Black Cat Bar!

KNSJ is incredibly happy to be partnered with Black Cat Bar! Cheap, cold beer, cool people, pool, baseball, and great music. What